We offer a variety of concepts within the areas of persuit and surveillance of persons in the private or public sector.. Our goal as detectives is to fill your information gaps by discreet persuit and surveillance. Discretion and pledge of secrecy is guaranteed. Jobs placed with us vary from the monitoring of employees to surveillance of private individuals (e.g. suspected infidelity cases) to the photographing of VIPs. We do not accept cases which cannot be fulfilled(e.g. an unsolvable case where we have no capacity or authority). However, in cooperation with other offices, the probability of success is increased. According to your wishes, we maintain contact during the investigation,through which, jobs can usually be achieved most efficiently. This presupposes your confidence and cooperation. My personal qualifications: After trainin several years in different offices, I started working independently. I gathered theoretical knowledge at the faculty of Science and Economics, University of Zürich, with certification in both private and commercial law.